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A New Way to shop.design.order.


To receive a quote on an individual item, simply indicate your color and logo preferences and proceed through checkout. Upon receipt of your request, we will work with our suppliers to uncover the best price and delivery options available.

All results are posted to a web page (or “locker”) that we build for you on our website. There is no cost or obligation required for this service.


For buyers looking for recommendations on one or two items, please complete our interactive Product Coach questionnaire. We will review your requirements and provide qualified suggestions on the best fit for your program.

All results are posted to your private “locker”, which is ideal for collaborating with associates or storing quote/order information.


At the forefront of our business model is product design and innovation. First Look is a new online program that collects reviews/suggestions/opinions from the market so that we can build better products.

We invite select buyers to join us in evaluating new concepts before we proceed to the final development stage.

Product Options
Years Experience
Upcoming Designs

No Obligation

Team, school and league buyers can receive quotes on select items from our network of regional suppliers. No payment or commitment required.

Special Offers

Each season we post special pricing on various types of apparel and accessory items. Offers are specific to each region and include an “all-in” cost.

Exclusive Brands

Our lineup includes original products and brands from both domestic and international suppliers. Only available through TeamLocker.

Team Lockers

For each customer, we create a customized team locker (or web page) that can be used to share ideas within your organization or collect orders from parents/players.

Digital Samples

A customized digital sample, including artwork and color specs, is provided before proceeding to the order processing phase. All details are uploaded to the customer’s locker.

Error Reduction

All order information is seamlessly shared between all parties in the transaction. Removing the “relay” of specifications reduces the chance of artwork or order error.
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Who We Are

We are a group of product developers, manufacturers and distributors who have come together to build a central sourcing solution for the team sports industry. With more than 25 years of experience, our customers have included the largest brands, multi-national corporations, professional and college teams and national sports programs. Our goal is to dramatically expand product and pricing options for buyers while reducing order errors through a seamless and transparent quote-design-order process.

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